May 5 – 6, San Francisco

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About the Expo

IoT Expo™ 2014 San Francisco is May 5–6, at San Francisco’s Marriott Fisherman’s Wharf, with additional dates in London and New York this year. We will cover all of the greatest IoT-related IT opportunities, from the connected home, smart meters, the connected car, and smart grid to personal wellness and connected health.

By 2020 it is expected that 5 billion people will use the Web. By then there will be 10x that number of connected ”things” – probably more.

The so-called Internet of Things will be called upon to connect not just 5 billion people, but also 50 billion things, from sensors to milk cartons, with trillions of connections between them. These things, like the people, will be always-on, always-connected, and always trying to communicate.

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02-25-2014 | The Internet of Things Goes Mainstream

In the words of software strategist Sam Ranji, “The [IoT] ‘market’ is made up of many parts, from wearables to drivables to home and industrial sensors and controllers, and each part is made up of segments (innovators, early adopters, pragmatists, conservatives, and laggards) across many industries.”

Gartner’s Allen Weiner offers some historical perspective. ”[T]his IoT deal has been around since the ‘90s when telemetry was used to let the local Coke bottler know when a dorm’s soda machine was out of caffeine-laden goodness,” he notes. “IoT circa 2014, however, has greater buy-in from more constituencies—indeed, entire ecosystems—than that these first iterations and those with any sort of future vision can see its manifest destiny.”

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